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Conor McCourt (NYPD Sgt. Ret.) is a New York State Licensed Investigator and Forensic Video professional with over 20 years experience in the fields of video production, law enforcement (Patrol, Investigative and Technology), and video analysis, expertly trained to deliver the latest techniques and consultative services in technology and investigative services.

Mr. McCourt's last assignment was daytime supervisor of NYPD Counter Terrorism Division's Lower Manhattan Security Initiative in the Financial District of Manhattan . Mr. McCourt specialized in video surveillance and video forensics, and had substantial training in the field of Counter Terrorism.  His last assignment with the CTD involved the video surveys and evaluation of emergency and evacuation plans for the major hotels in Manhattan.

Zimmerman Case
Zimmerman Case

New video of George Zimmerman in police custody just 30-minutes after he shot Trayvon Martin to death, has surfaced.

In the video, he's being taken in handcuffs to Sanford Police headquarters for questioning. There seems to be no visible sign of the broken nose or injuries to the back of the head he claims he sustained in a struggle with Martin.

The video, just released Thursday, showed several different angles from a number of cameras, outside and inside police headquarters.

A police officer is seen frisking Zimmerman and wiping something off his hand. A few moments later, he examined the back of Zimmerman's head.

Zimmerman walked briskly into police headquarters without any help and did not appear injured or in any pain.

Video expert Conor McCourt enhanced parts of the video for INSIDE EDITION.

"I don't see any visable injury, I don't see any tearing of the clothes, I don't see blood on the clothes. I don't see any indication of injury in this video," said McCourt.